The Delilah Ritual

A guitar project with huge flaws, lots of mistakes and some very raw music

This is a collection of ideas, not a showcase of immaculately recorded, tweaked, modded and fine-tuned music.

If you are looking for polish, a "song" structure, fantastic recording technique, and great production, look elsewhere...

Listening to any music on this site through laptop "speakers" is probably a waste of time. There are some stereo effects that will totally elude you. Even some cheap, 1, headphones will make a difference.


Om No 10 - - Bass and guitars

Trial - - Basic drum machine, bass and guitars

Blow Out - - Something fairly raw

Sweet - - A nameless semi-acoustic, recorded from a mic'ed up Fender Super60, onto a Tascam PortaOne, a long time ago, first multi-track recording, done purely to work out how to record two tracks

Wah Bubbly - -If you will mix a Jim Dunlop CryBaby, a Boss DDL-2, and some distortion, and then just twiddle around on the guitar a bit, and generally faff about, you may get something like this. Then again, you might have some talent...

Du Du Du - - Well, duh!

Software used for music, graphics and web-site

Digital Audio Workstation for linux and OS X

Cross platform sound editor

An open source HTML editor

Persistence of Vision Raytracer

GNU Image Manipulation Program

All music and original artwork is copyright The Delilah Ritual
It may be distributed free of charge, but it must be credited to The Delilah Ritual
Copyright Dominic Mason, 2010
All Rights Reserved